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 Earn up to 5% commision on sales with Philippines' no.1 online shopping mall.


How does the LAZADA Affiliate Program work?

John owns the website and would like to monetize it. He decides to join the LAZADA Affiliate Program and becomes an affiliate. With the different products that LAZADA offers, he can choose to promote a number of products that complement the content that John produces, such as smartphones, cameras, and other gadgets. Making banners and other advertising graphics is easy and John adds several banners and other graphics to his website that link to LAZADA. He even includes the links in his blog posts.
Mary wants to buy a smartphone and looks for information on the Internet. She comes across the website, and sees a LAZADA advertisement on smartphones. The LAZADA offer attracts her so she clicks on the banner link that leads her to She decides to purchase the smartphone on LAZADA. Because John is part of the LAZADA Affiliate Program, he is therefore entitled to receive a commission on the sale.

How can I participate?

Becoming a LAZADA affiliate is easy! Here’s how in three easy steps:
  • Click on the REGISTER NOW button and fill up the form. LAZADA will review your application and decide if you are eligible to be part of the LAZADA Affiliate Program.
  • Once you have been enrolled, select from banners and other creative materials to integrate into your website or blog. You can even select products to appear on these advertisements that are targeted towards your website’s traffic.
  • Integrate these graphics with a special link on your website or blog and let the commissions start coming in!
Have any more questions? The LAZADA Affiliate Team is happy to help! Send an email to with your concern.

The Lazada Affiliate Program works like this:

• An affiliate displays Lazada ads on their website or blog.

To be an affiliate, a website / blog owner signs up for the Lazada Affiliate Program for free. Once the registration has been approved, an affiliate gains access to a wide variety of banners and creatives to integrate to the blog or website and to fit a specific target market.

• A potential customer visits the website / blog and clicks on the ad.

Once the creative materials have been integrated onto the website, a visiting guest may be interested by what an ad offers on Lazada PH. S/he clicks on the ad and starts browsing through products offered on the Philippines' Online Shopping Mall.

• The customer makes a purchase on Lazada PH

Shopping on Lazada PH is hassle-free and risk-free. It is the #1 online shopping destination in the Philippines, and it's a brand that's easy to trust. Thanks to its free shipping, cash on delivery, and deferred payment options, the customer doesn't find it to be a hard decision to make a purchase on Lazada.

• The affiliate receives a commission.

After the purchase has been checked for fraud, cancellations, and more, the affiliate receives the commission. Commission rates vary according to the number of purchases directed from the website in a given month. Best-performing affiliates are rewarded with special commission rates.


LAZADA provides its affiliates with plenty of advertising options to fit a variety of website and blog layouts. Targeted advertising options are also available to increase visitors’ inclination towards making a purchase. It’s important to make sure that the ad placement fits with the theme of the affiliate’s website or blog.
How to access Lazada banners.
  1. Go to
  2. Log-in with your account
  3. Select "Campaigns" and then "Lazada Philippines"
  4. Select "Commission & ads"
  5. Go to "Latest Campaigns of Lazada Philippines". For example, select "Top 10 Gifts for the Home".
  6. After clicking the selected category, you can see now the codes that you can copy and paste on your website/ Facebook fan page.
If you have trouble or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Text links

Short and distinctive text links encourage users to click and buy. They are useful in blog posts and social media channels.
Here are a few examples:
  • Buy smartphones at!
  • Discover our new selection of cameras – here!
  • Order at Lazada and pay cash on delivery – free shipping!
You can generate your own text links and link directly to brands, product categories, and individual products. Remember: the more specific the offer, the more interesting it is for the users.
How to access deeplink generator:
  1. go to
  2. Log-in with your account
  3. Select "Campaigns" and then "Lazada Philippines"
  4. Select "Commission & ads" tab
  5. Fill in the details on Deeplink Generator
  6.      a. Target URL: - should be any Lazada links
         b. Sub ID: - should be your affiliate I.D
         c. Link text: - should be the customized link you want to use
  7. Click "Generate Link" for you to have the deeplink based on the provided details
Image reference:

If you have trouble or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

WANT TO EARN MORE FROM FACEBOOK heres the procedure to post banner in facebook

How to post Affiliate banner on Facebook:
  1. Go to
  2. Log-in with your account
  3. Select "Campaigns" and then "Lazada Philippines"
  4. Select "Commission & ads" tab
  5. Select "Facebook Banners"
You can now see the links and banners that you can use for Facebook posting.
Now, you need to go to your Facebook Fan page and post the images.
  1. Log-in to your Facebook Fan page.
  2. Select "Upload Photo / Video" and click "Choose File"
  3. Copy the image link of the banners, ex. LAP/Facebook-GDN/Halloween_treats_720x720.jpg under File name and click "Open".
  4. Copy the source link and post on Facebook. ex: . Add some text and always include "Available at: Lazada Philippines" for the refernce.
  5. Click " Post" and your pos should look like this.
If you have trouble or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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